DIY Instant Noodles

Come on, who doesn’t like instant noodles every now and then. You know what I’m talking about; whether its Mi Goreng, ramen or just the classic chicken flavoured cup noodles. Of course theres no harm in consuming this delicious no fuss meal/ midnight snack occasionally, it might cause some issues if it becomes a daily habit. So heres the healthy version and just as tasty, as well as being customisable which is always a bonus.


  • Rice stick noodles or rice vermicelli noodles (the rice noodles manage to cook the fastest in boiling water)
  • Bean sprouts (or vegetables of choice)
  • Dried shitake mushrooms
  • Roast beef (or any kind of protein like tofu for example if you’re vegetarian)


  • 1 tsp Go chew Chung Paste (this is a kind of Korean fermented chilli sauce but any hot sauce will do)
  • 1 tsp miso paste
  • 1/2 tsp soy sauce
  • Few drops of sesame oil


  • layer all the flavouring ingredients at the bottom of the bowl or in a jar as a convenient to-go lunch.
  • then layer in the bean sprouts, rice noodles, mushrooms and beef. I like to keep the dried ingredients towards the top especially if you’re travelling it stops the wet ingredients from leaking out of the lid.
  • Add boiling water till all the ingredients are covered. (I like mine quite soupy)

And that’s it! it’s so simple but so satisfying. Hope you enjoy this recipe and find a way to make it your own.

Ayesha xx


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  1. Candida says:

    Such a great idea~ I need to try this! Thanks 🙂


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